Rev. Gilbert Levonian's and Rev. Raffi Messerlian's message to the Chanitzagans

Rev. Gilbert Levonian's message to the chanitzagans, after his safe arrival in Marseille...
Bonsoir chers amis en Christ,

I come back now to Marseille and at home. But my spirit and my prayers are always with you. I praise the Lord for this all week that I spend with you in Kessab and in Beyrout. It was for me an unique experience to enjoy you. God begins in each of your lifes a very deep spiritual work. Be faithful and integre in your walk in your daily life in the steps of Jesus.

One in prayer, one in the Lord.

Vive l'amitié entre le Liban et la France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badveli Gilbert

Rev. Raffi Messerlian's message to the chanitzagans, after his safe arrival in Anjar...
Dear Chanitzaganner

Greetings from Ainjar. I just want to tell you that I really had a wonderful time in Kesaab knowing you all, and so happy that almost all of you took decisions.
It was very exciting to see you and worship together on Monday. We have to build on this in the future. The Kortzatir will take this into consideration and plan follow up plans and activities. I think that now that we have the emails, we should try to share things together in terms of joys or difficulties that we may face. I was reall impressed with the testimony of Tina on Monday. If you have any difficulty and need any kind of help we are here, and also the leaders are here and you can contact.
Finally, our integrity also means for us a daily reading of God's word. Don't forget this. I would encourage you to have your menig bah daily.
Have a nice day.

Badveli Raffi