Emails and Messages

Shahe Demirjian (Lebanon, Marash Church): "Thanks for sending me these news guys, keep on this work and God bless you."

Krikor DerGarabedian (USA, originally from Ashrafieh Church): "thank you for sending the updates of your website."

Andreas A. Rudolph (USA): Sireli engerner, from 1980 to 1982 I was 'Anjarzi', being originally from Germany. Now I am serving as Gen. Secr. World's Christian Endeavor Union, living in the US (New Jersey). Thank you Raffi for your e-mail and thank you for this forum. I long to come to Lebanon and Syria and visit the tschanitz there, but I am short of time. Also I would like to see what is left from Christian Endeavor in Egypt (maybe also Iraq). Does anybody of you have any connections with CE over there or does know about them? I am presently trying to get into contact with them. Any help is welcome. Badvelli Ekmekjian, please give my regards to Badvelli Serop Megerditchian. Shnorhagallutiun!! shad gesirem kesi pollorovin!

Hovig Trtrian (USA?): parev tsez shad oraxem vor meshd lav namagner gi xrgek enze hachoxotyon gi maxtem tseze yev parevners anmen meg chanitzagane yev lav orer poloret.

Hrayr Jebejian (Cyprus): Thanks for keeping us posted with all the recent news. Keep up the good job.

Salpie Dermenjian (Lebanon): God bless you I love your newsletter/blog.

Boghos Malian (Lebanon): congratulations... I congratulate our school and their lovely students for being the 3rd in the levam's mini football tournament (the small category) and I congratulate their coach Mr. Mike Hagopian. I hope this success will continue and you'll come in first during the coming years...