Do you decide...?

Do you decide
where you are going?
Or like me,
you let yourself

be dragged away by somebody?

Do you face

whatever happens?

Or like me,

you lie hidden

behind lies, for eternity?

Do you cry
when you feel like it?

Or like me,

you hold it in
to escape mockery?

Do you smile

in your sleep?

Or like me,
you try waking
to forget what you see?

Do you delight
in what you did?

Or like me,
you wish it hadn't
gone so badly?

Like me,

do you sleep,

when you wish to wake?

do you laugh,
when you wish to weep?

do you wander,
though you know the way?

do you embrace,
those you wish to murder?

Do you do

what you want?

Or like myself,
don't realise,
the only one stopping me,

is me.

Do you enjoy

all that life brings?

Or like me,
you crawl through it,

though you were born with Fire Wings.

By Fire Wings