Church, youth and our blog

The youth can be very much involved in their individual churches and do a difference in their community. However, they need guidance and mentors, who can bring these youth together, who are full of energy and creative minds, and help them use their talents and practical faith inside and outside their church boundaries.

For this reason and more, we have already started making use of the latest technologies that the world of Web provides us. The website/blog of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church Youth was born and it has helped us in building bridges with many different churches in Lebanon and outside Lebanon. I remember Mike from USA who contacted us, Pastor Sevag and Pastor Datev from Syria, Searan Salibian from USA, and many others from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Canada, France, Sweden, Armenia, Brazil, Australia and people from outisde the Armenian Evangelical circles, whom we guided to our union (UAECNE), whenever they asked about matters that were outside our sphere of knowledge.

"When the press was found, the church was one of the first users and supporters. Today, there's another kind of press, which is the web. Is the Church today an advocate of the web?"

Only recently are we seeing individuals from churches who are picking up and using the tools found on the web, like YouTube and blogging tools to share about their church with the rest of the world outside.