Chanitz Annual Luncheon in Marash Church

The CE Executive Body, this year also, planned their annual luncheon, which took place on Saturday, 2 March 2008 at night, in the Hassessian hall of Armenian Evangelical Nor Marash Church. The participation and active involvement of the youth was exemplary. Each chanitz brought together their talents and each team carried the tasks appointed to them.

After starting with the Chanitz Anthem, Rev. R. Meserlian, the chairman of the CE Executive Body (Lebanon) welcomed everyone present, then, dinner was served...

Around 150 people were gathered in the hall.

Rev. Dr. P. Haidostian, the chairman of the UAECNE Central Committee, talked about peace.
Ms. M. Khoshafian (piano).
Ms. S. Demirjian (spiritual songs).
Ms. M. Baghdoyan, Ms. G. Haidostian and Ms. M. Papazian (violin and piano).
Ms. Sh. Chaparian from Shamlian Tatigian Sipan Armenian Dance Group (Armenian nazbar).
Mr. R. Chilingirian (presentation about Chanitz life).
Ms. Sh. Hovsepian from Central High School (poem).
Anjar Chanitz (drama)

During the programme, Mr. S. Ohanian and Mr. V. Khederian were appreciated for completing their serving years in the CE Executive Body.

The gathered and collected funds will be used for the Summer Camps.

Despite the alarming situation in Lebanon, we thank God that we were able to organize such an event.