Chanitzagans at Stronghold's concert

At Saturday night, January 12, 2008, the chanitzagans of both Emmanuel and Marash churches participated in the Strongholds Concert held at Forum du Beirut, Lebanon.

The place was fully packed with people that some had to sit on the floors and stairs in order to attend this long-awaited event. Arek Karagoezian, a Stronghold’s member and one of our youth members, was on the drums with his sticks!

It has been a soul-refreshing concert to refocus our eyes on God and trust in His sovereignty. The Christian band sang praises in English and Arabic accompanied by a drama about a man who tried all roads (drugs, adultery, fame, fortune) but couldn’t find peace in anything.

The concert was dedicated to our beloved capital, Beirut, which has been going through great turmoil for the past 3 years. Prayers were raised to God for peace to prevail and for political parties to reconcile and work together for a better future.