By Searan Salibian

Camp Arev, Connection No. 11, Fall 2006

Have you ever questioned why the Lord has placed you in challenging and difficult situations that don’t seem to fit in to your schedule called “life?”

At times you may want to challenge God, asking Him if He is “aware” of the circumstances in your life and wonder when He will “wake up and smell the roses.” You may ask, “Don’t you see what I’m going through?” or “Why aren’t you answering my prayers?” or “I thought you were God, do something!” or “Is this all you can give me Lord?” Whether the challenge involves schooling, parents, relationships, friends, athletics, church, or whatever the circumstance, we wonder if there is a purpose to what we’re going through and anticipate the next step in our lives.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, God teaches us that there is a time and place for everything. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” (Ecc. 3:1). As we are living pursuing our own agenda and earthly desires, we may get side-tracked, not remembering that the God we serve has a great plan for our lives; He who is Sovereign and Almighty is completely aware of the current season in our lives. Following verse 1, Solomon, the author of Ecclesiastes, goes through a list of situations we encounter; how God has a plan for times of laughing, embracing, loving, dancing, healing and times of mourning, war, loss, being broken, weeping, and even death. As we pursue our time with God through prayer, time in the Word, surrounding ourselves with godly believers and keeping one another accountable, and making Him our one true Lord rather than earthly desires and distractions, we will come to find how great His timing and direction really is. It is a comfort to think the Creator of the heavens and the earth has a great plan for each and every one of our lives and works through each season! There is a reason for this season and not just the next one. If this season is the way in which the Lord chooses to work in our lives right now, we should be content, understanding that things are in His hands.We should be able to say, “Lord, if this is all You want to give me right now, I thank you!”