Christians have forgotten their mission?

Have Christians forgotten their mission? There is an interesting interview that Tim Challies had with Daren Rowse, a blogger himself too.

Here's what Daren shares:
My first blog was a ‘Christian Blog’ in many senses. One of the things that I became a bit frustrated with over the two or so years that that blog was active was that I saw the majority of Christian bloggers gathering together to talk about subjects that related to them - but very little outward focus or interaction with the wider blogosphere.

My critique of Christian blogging is actually similar to my critique of much of what I see happening with the Church today - an overemphasis upon gathering together as believers - at the expense of ‘going into the world to make disciples’.

My own understanding of missions is one that we’re called to:

  • have Proximity - to go into the world, be near people, rub shoulders with them etc
  • have Presence - build relationships, walk with people, hear what’s going on in their lives, share out lives
  • be Powerless - (wrong word, but this is a 4 ‘P’ sermon) - to be humble, to allow God to be the great missionary and do his work and to allow the other person to have some power in the situation
  • Proclaim - out of these other 3 steps we need to be ready and willing to proclaim the Gospel. I think that often as Christians we rush to the ‘proclaim’ stage but miss out on relationships
What do you think about Daren's message? Are Christians too busy with themselves and revolve only in their own circles?

Source: Tim Challies