The Armenian presence in the Gulf, interview with Hrayr Jebejian

On Radio Voice of Van (Vanatzayn) Mr. Hrayr Jebejian talked about the presence of Armenian families and individuals in the Gulf. Also, about the work of Bible Society.
Here are some of the topics that he discussed:
  • Bible Society and its relation with the churches in Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Abou Dhabi,...
  • Bible Society and its relation with the governments of the Gulf
  • Where Christians worship and how they are organized
  • Armenians getting organized more than before
  • The issue of assimilation being less in Arabic societies
  • Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholic and Armenian Evangelical belonging not a matter of huge difference in the Gulf. There is more mutual acceptance and participation.
  • The activities of Bible Society in the Gulf and their message of "PEACE" for the year 2008.
You can hear the interview by clicking on here.
For more info: Bible Society Gulf