The painting FORGIVEN reveals the heart of God towards me. As I look at the scene, I not only see Jesus wrapping His arms around a fallen man, but I also see Him wrapping His arms of mercy around me. My eyes tell me Jesus is holding a broken sinner, but my heart tells me that Jesus is holding me.
As I look, wonder, and ponder this painting, there is one message that speaks the loudest to my heart - it is the overwhelming truth that Jesus loves me as no one else ever could. His suffering, His sacrifice, His death, were all for me. When I look at the cross I never need to question if He loves me. He came for me, He died for me, He lives for me. When I look at His shed blood, I never need to question my worth. I am worth to God the death of His son. A tremendous price has been paid - more than all the riches of all the kingdoms in all the world.

ROY LESSIN, Co-founder DaySpring