Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen (Պատանեկան Տուն) 5

While growing up, our elders did not tell us what had happened. But when they used to speak to each other, they used to say "the year of the event", "the departure year" and so on. And we used to understand that some things have happened, and how awful things, but we didn't know, and if we dared to ask, they used to scold us. They'd shout us "Shhh, you are young, do not get into the elders' discussions. Sometimes, they even used to send us to the streets.
Why had these events taken place. What were the reasons? Who was supposed to tell us, or teach us.

Badanegan Doun and Camp Armen, Hrant Guzelian

*Translation by R. Chil.