There's an interesting interview at Վանայ Ձայն (Voice of Van) with Dr. Ani Kalayjian about post-trauma psychology. Some of what she said:
  • "When a calamity occurs, people try to blame others..."
  • "Accumulation of trauma makes a person narrow minded and inflexible"
  • "When a group of people are under pressure, violence and trauma for long years, their frustration and disappointment will come out horizontally, and start to blame/accuse each other"
  • "Because you have a pain and you're disappointed, your viewpoint and perspective and attitude changes. You become selfish and see only your need because you will think only about your pain"
  • "Time does not heal if there's no healing process with it"
  • "Sometimes, when the trauma is passed to the next generation, it has become evident that the next generation will have and show anger and bitterness"
  • "We cannot control/change what's outside, but we can control ourselves"
  • "You need to continue your daily routines and obligations and keep them. You need to delight yourself with the things that you cherish and like"
  • "Keep yourself away from watching the TV"
  • "Watching news all the time and staying late at night for the news will make your disappointment and depression worse"
  • "Watch or listen to a quick summary of the news so that you know where what has happened, only to be aware"