Attention: New Feature...

Ok, we've been hearing alot for the past 3 weeks about the vast number of posts and comments issue, and that it is not possible to remember where new comments are being added. Hence, and in trying to find a good solution, we worked to find and added a feature which tells the user if new comments were added since his/her last access of the Emmanuel Chanitz blog. (Mind you, this was not a very easy feature to add).

Of course, the first time you load the page, all comments on the page will be new. Once you expand each of the comments sections, and reload/refresh the page, it will no longer tell you there are new comments (unless there actually are new comments).

The reading of the comments changed a bit. Therefore, if you click on "Comments", the list of comments will show on the same page. At the end of it, you will find "Post a Comment", which when clicked will pop-up the Comments Page to write your comment in.

Of course, this is a trial period of this new feature, and we need your feedback, to let us know of difficulties you are facing with this new feature.
(Notice: In order to benefit from this new feature, each person should use the same computer, specially if he/she checks the blog from an Internet Cafe)

Moreover, this feature uses Cookies. Anyone who has problems with this new feature should check their Setting of Cookies, which can be changed by clicking "Tools", then "Internet Options", then "Privacy". Set the Cookies Setting to "Medium".