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What do you think about the discussions of different subjects that are taking place at Chanitz by different guest speakers?
What other subjects should be discussed also?

(Chanitz Varchoutyoun)

Your Suggestions

Let us see your suggestions of what we as Chanitz can do for Christ and for the fellowship of the believers to be stronger.
The floor is yours. The varchoutyoun is listening. If you have anything to say, now's the time and place.

Your suggestions that are gathered here will be taken into consideration and discussed by the Varchoutyoun.

One Book...

Since it's "Tarkmanchatz" (Թարգմանչաց), which 1 book:
1) left such a great effect on you?
2) made you laugh?
3) made you cry?
4) you want to read, but haven't started reading yet?

POLL: #1

Can a Christian forgive anything?

(Only your honest and relevant response is appreciated, and not your comments to each other)

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