We received the following announcement from Rev. Gilbert Leonian from France:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The program entails display of paintings, books, decorative items, CDs and clothes. The visitors will taste delightful Armenian specialties, and watch a video about the life of the people of Kessab in 2015. Rev. Serop Megerditchian will give a presentation about the plight of the Syrian Armenians.
The event will also showcase poems in Armenian and French, musical entertainment, meditation and prayer.

All the benefits will be donated to support the people of Kessab in Syria.

Mark Brunet came to Armenia with charitable purposes driving a bicycle

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 1, ARMENPRESS: Mark Brunet is the name of the person, who came to Armenia with charitable purposes driving a bicycle from his motherland, passing territory of 6000 kilometers. Mark launched his biking tour on July 21 from his native town Valence.

The trip passed through more than ten countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Georgia. From the very beginning of the trip Brunet traveled alone, without anybody’s assistance. He slept in a tent or in the houses of random people that he met on his way. On September 26 Brunet reached Ijevan, which is the sister town of Valence.

According to Armenpress, as was reported by Mark Brunet at the press conference on October 1, Armenia was a very valuable fact for him, but he hardly remembered when he had read or heard about Armenia for the first time.

“I did not even think about such reception and enthusiasm expressed by the Armenian people. There was already the idea of the preliminary motivation and interest and that was enough”, - said Mark Brunet.

Mark Brunet has a recording studio in France and he is an amateur sportsman as well. He initiated this trip not only as a sports fan. His objective is humanitarian. During his trip he collected means for the organizations “Hope for Armenia” of France and “Armenian Missionary Association of America”, which have worked together in Armenia for more than 20 years. The collected means will be allocated for the restoration of the heating system of “Arevik” kindergarten.

“What I have done is not a deed. I just turned the pedals of my bike. The real deed was made by the people, who provided those money. In total about USD 10,000 was collected”, - said Brunet. He did not forget to mention as well, that he was astonished by the nature and sightseeings of Armenia.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to the Republic of Armenia Henri Reynaud named the act of Mark Brunet a real deed and considered the implemented mission to be a connecting cycle between Valence and Yerevan. Mark Brunet will definitely return to Armenia with the purpose of new discoveries.


Evangelist Luis Palau Preaches to Crowd in Marseille, France

Argentinian-born evangelist Luis Palau preached in the southeast coastal city of Marseille, France on Saturday, concluding his three-day Christian outreach festival.

(Photo: Luis Palau Evangelistic Association)
Evangelist Luis Palau preaches in Marseille, France on Friday, June 1, 2011.

The Luis Palau festival in Marseille was unique in that on Saturday the message was picked up by a satellite channel with millions of viewers. Palau spoke in Spanish while his interpreter translated his message into French.

Every night the festival, which began June 30, was taped for delayed transmission to Francophone Africa, the Middle East on CAN, and France on Dieu TV. Standing on the beaches of Plage du Prado, Palau preached about the Good News found in Jesus Christ.

The Luis Palau festival is the first event of its kind to be sponsored by the city of Marseille. Like other Palau fest, there were children’s activities, concert-like music, soccer, and preaching.

“We’re so used to having evangelical events and opportunities in [the United States], that we just take it for granted. We’re on the radio, we’re on the TV, in print, and all the things that we normally do which you really can’t do in France,” said Colin James of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association to MNN.

“The opportunities are very limited and constrained because of the culture and just the way the country has been run. It’s not an evangelical-based country.”

According to the CIA World Factbook, less than 2 percent of France’s population is Protestant Christian.

“Please pray that God will continue to pour our His Spirit in Marseille. Pray that the believers, especially the new ones as a result of this festival, will experience a radical transformation in their lives and live totally for Christ,” read the latest posting for the Marseille festival on the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association website.