Christmas Concert in the Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh

The Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh had the idea to hold a Christmas concert this year with the vision of bringing people together for a special night organized and performed through its multitalented church band.

The event carried a lot of promise from the start off and took months of planning and preparation to reach fruition. It was a challenge for the band to prepare something different from the customary banquet showings or previous concerts done during various occasions. Extra attention was paid this time to the details of decoration, lighting, costumes, slideshow presentations… etc. The music was newly arranged and practiced persistently. The idea was to overwhelm the comers with the spirit of Christmas and joy through the beautiful tunes and melodies.

The concert comprised of a total of 14 songs, which were offered to the crowd in different arrangements of the band. They included a 4 voice a Capella, a cheering song by a group of Sunday school students and a grand finale Christmas medley in a night that was both heartening and magical.

Band members included: Aren Deyirmenjian (Piano), Garin Haidostian (Violin, Vocals), Hagop Harfushian (Bass, Saxophone, Vocals), Lori Yacoubian (Flute), Nareg Tavitian (Drums), Raffee Parseghian (Drums) and Shahan Kilaghbian (Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Vocals). Outstanding vocalists accompanied them during different songs including Jirayr Ghazarian, who performed two sing-alongs inviting the crowd to join in worship. Garin Haidostian sang a mix-translated “Mary Did You Know” in both Armenian and English. Sero Kelougian sang Armenian Christmas song “Kishern Ichav Meghmig Lour”. Minas Atamian performed classic Christmas songs such as “O Holy Night” and “The Christmas Song” along with a duet in “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with Talar Haidostian. Talar also had solos in “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and a duet in “Winter Wonderland” with sister Garin Haidostian.

The concert turned out to be a major success both in terms of performance and attendance. The Armenian Evangelical Church of Ashrafieh was packed with over 400 people with some having to stand outside only to listen to the music. The general response was greatly satisfying as people came up on stage after Rev. Kilaghbian’s benediction and congratulated the members.

The band will aim to build on this with future concerts and events, God willing. With His strength, hopes and expectations are high to reach out to different people through music and worship.

Aren Deyirmenian