Mrouj Worship Services - Summer 2012

During the Summer of 2012, the Armenian Evangelical Church organized worship services in the Mrouj area, where many Armenian families spend their Summer, escaping the heat and humidity of Beirut.

The worship services took place from 8 July to 23 September, on Sundays, at 10:30am, in the Arab Evangelical Church of Mrouj.

The following pastors and laymen from the Armenian Evangelical Churches preached: Rev. M. Karagoezian, Rev. S. Kilaghbian, Ms. Sh. Geocherian, Ms. V. Balekjian, Mrs. V. Svajian, Mr. H. Akbasharian, Mr. A. Messerlian, and Rev. H. Svajian.

Mr. S. Svajian, Ms. A. Baboghlanian and the Chanitz of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Marash led the worship.

The pastor, Rev. H. Svajian served the communion on Sunday, 16 September.