President of Armenia, H.E. Serge Sargsyan pays a historic visit to Haigazian University

Beirut, 28/11/12- Armenian President Serge Sargsyan during a three-day visit to Lebanon—addressed Haigazian University students and faculty, underlying the importance of fostering the ties between the two countries, Lebanon and Armenia. Present were a number of students from three other leading universities in Lebanon.
Sargsyan, who was heading a delegation of 20 people including four Ministers, of Foreign Affairs, Education, Diaspora and Culture, was first welcomed bythe University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, Board members, Deans, and Administrators.
The program started at the Mugar building, where the President and his delegation toured the Matossian Gallery having a look at a unique photo exhibitionfeaturing the history of the University, after which Sargsyan signed in the Golden Book of Haigazian, and registered words of appreciation.
While proceeding to the Philibosian, Mehagian and Heritage buildings, where symbols of Mount Ararat and the Cedar tree decorated the playground, Sargsyan was greeted by hundreds of students. A short cultural program was presented.

 In the First Armenian Evangelical Church Hall, Rev. Haidostian introduced President Sargsyan, noting that “Haigazian witnessed a special renaissance by this historic visit, the very first of a president of the Republic of Armenia”. Expressing his pride, Haidostian said that the Armenian spirit and identity are always present on campus, and that through ongoing cooperation with the Ministry of the Diaspora, as well as Armenian educational institutions, ties have been further strengthening with Armenia.
In recognition of the President’s achievements, and quoting the University’s motto, “truth, freedom and service,” Haidostian granted Sargsyan with the University’s Service Shield.
Sargsyan started his speech by first thanking the Lebanese President, General Michel Sleiman for his invitation, underlying the importance of the strong ties of the two countries, Lebanon and Armenia, which are linked by well entrenched and deep-rooted cultural and historical relations. He further encouraged the youth of both countries to visit and cooperate.
Commenting on the situation in the Middlle East, Sargsyan voiced his deep concern over Syria, especially on the fate of at least 80,000 Syrian Armenian in the war-torn country. He called for a halt to the bloodshed and restoring peace.
Turning into internal issues in Armenia, Sargsyan shared the economic and political challenges faced by his country, especially in resolving the issue of NagornoKarabagh, the issues related to protocol signature with Turkey, and the 100th commemoration of the Armenian genocide.
Sargsyan concluded his speech by a short Q & A session.

Mira Yardemian
PR Director