Muslim - Christian Dialogue is the only way towards peaceful Co-existence

There is no doubt that to get access to people's convictions is not easy, but as it’s imperative to bring about change and development and improvement it is essential and important to get into people’s beliefs and convictions. Because the difficulty of change lies in accepting the implications of this change and its requirements, the conviction plays a very important role for the success of the process of change. You must have the conviction in order to accept change and become an active participant and a contributor to this major development of change.

And when the issue at hand becomes subject to extensive dialogue it suddenly includes all segments of society, and when this happens the importance of the change becomes the driving force and you need the conviction and belief in it to promote it and make it viable for our whole society and that means all strata of society. This will force dialogue, and the ultimate goal is not total agreement on everything but at least partial agreement on the importance and the overall idea and the necessity of change which will keep the dialogue and the move towards change alive.

On Friday, 12th of October 2012, Rev. Haroutune Selimian, President of the Armenian Protestant Community in Syria, warmly welcomed the Islam Religious Leaders, at his office.

During the meeting they discussed the political reforms taking place in Syria. They especially focused on the current developments, dangers, troubles and problems facing Syria these days. Syria has in the course of the past year-and-a-half become the scene of killings and violence executed by the opposition parties thus turning Syria into a land that lacks peace after years of being a great symbol of peace and security.

Rev. Selimian said. “In these abnormal, sad and inhumane circumstances that face Syria, the Armenian community, which was and still is an integral part of the Syrian people, has endured and still bear all the difficulties and troubles testing all citizens without exception. Our community with its institutions, organizations and its church have for years worked on the development of Syria and the progress of its people. Until today this Armenian Community takes a neutral stand in regards to the situation, led by the basic principle of its people that we want to be a productive and positive segment of the Syrian society.”

At the end of the meeting, the Islam Religious Leaders thanked for the opportunity of sharing thoughts with the Armenian President of the Evangelical Community and said. “Muslim -Christian dialogue is the only way towards peaceful co-existence.”