Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's DVBS 2012

The Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Daily Vacation Bible School opened its doors on Monday, 2 July, which lasted for 4 weeks. Mrs. Ruth Yunisses was the general leader, with whom several junior youth served as a team.
More than 75 children participated, their ages ranging from 4 to 12.

The kindergarten sections usually started with worship, during which they learned new songs and Psalm 117. The main theme was "God's promises that He keeps".
The schedule of the kindergarten sections was:
On Monday and Tuesday, crafts
On Wednesday, pool
On Thursday, movies
On Friday, visits

The Elementary sections usually started with worship. The main theme was "Jesus and His parables".
The schedule of the Elementary sections was:
On Monday, activities (drama, dance, sports)
On Tuesday, games
On Wednesday, pool
On Thursday, general knowledge
They visited "Kiki Monkey", "Ala Cabana", and "Putt Putt".

On Thursday, 26 July, the graduation ceremony took place, where the children presented what they had learned during the 4 weeks.

The serving leaders were: Ms. A. Kazezian, Ms. L. Yunisses, Ms. K. Simidian, Ms. S. Hanneyan, Ms. R. Avedanian, Ms. N. Svajian, Ms. V. Kalousdian, Ms. A. Demirjian, Mrs. J. Ghazarian, Mr. S. Ohanian, Mr. B. Khamissian, and Mr. K. Khamissian.

We thank all the servants and praise God.