Young Men and Women and the Armenian Church Leaders Today

Young men and women, today, are encountering numerous difficulties, be they of Armenian identity, sexuality, discipline, belief, direction, and faith. They are facing these issues almost all by themselves.

On one side, the Armenian church and the mature adult generation is engulfed and busy in their own administrative and urgent problems, whether social issues, financial difficulties of their organizations, schools, churches, to the extent that there is almost no quality time left for mentorship and for Paul-Timothy relationship and for preparing the next leading Christian men and women.

On another side are the young men and women, who are asking questions, are encountering the fast changes happening around them, and are facing luring temptations. They need to find answers to their difficult questions and they have to find them fast.
They are left alone in this battle, the next generation, who is going to take the lead tomorrow in preparing younger Christian men and women, who are faithful in Christ's message, who are ready to share their faith within their community and outside, who are not cast hither and tither where the wind blows. But alas! This is not the reality today. They are out there alone, with almost no accountability, almost no support, almost no guidance.

Vahé Jébéjian's voice is one of the voices of the youth, here in He is asking difficult, yet important questions. He is trying to find answers to the questions that the youth is asking today.
It is very encouraging to see a young man writing about Christianity, the Christian faith and Christian living.