Renovation Work in Kchag, An Interview with Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian

It was several years ago that KCHAG (the Christian Endevour Summer Campsite) was returned to its rightful owner, the Armenian Evangelical Church, in the conditions that you see in the above photoshoot, with doors and windows shut, church building worn out, the cross removed and the site used by local and foreign militaries. 
Unders these dire circumstances, the Kchag Construction and Development Committee, decided to revive the campsite to become a lighthouse again for the young men and women to find Christ again. 
In order to find out more about the renovation work, we had an interview with Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian, one of the members of the Kchag Construction and Development Committee.

(Interview conducted by Raffi)

Raffi - In our last interview with you in 2010, you mentioned that Bezjian was being renovated. Now that this is thankfully achieved, what are the parts that the Kchag Committee is aiming to restore and renovate?
Garbis - For the time being the Church is being renovated and it is expected to have the opening in the beginning of this summer. We are using the church since 2002 without a major renovation, and it was really in a bad position when we got Kchag back. As announced last summer, our brothers in Netherlands took the initiative to share with us the major cost. The most important issue for us is to worship God again in this chapel and to let people know Christ in Kchag as it was for many years for a lot of people.
The next step is the main construction project, which was announced in July 2011 during the dedication of the "Kassarjian" building. We are in the process of getting the construction permit, and getting it in a short time and without complications can be called an "achievement" in Lebanon.

Raffi - You had also mentioned that you'll be endeavoring a fundraising plan to find donors. Can you tell us about this experience both locally and globally?

Garbis - The fundraising is in process. We are very happy that there are people who have a great heart for Kchag, for the youth and for Lebanon. So far we have around 8 donors, who have donated for certain projects in KCHAG, which will be executed after getting the main construction permit. The donors are from different parts of the world; USA, Europe, Australia and Lebanon.

Raffi - What kind of problems have you faced and are there any problems that you are facing today?

Garbis - We always have problems and try to solve them with God's help and through our efforts. They are legal issues for getting permit for construction, problems related to the legal situation of the existing buildings, the shortage of water in the area and having a good janitor. Also to have more donors and funds in order to complete the major part of the project through planned phases.

Raffi - What are the plans for Kchag Café this year?
Garbis - Kchag Café could be planned in a different way this year, it is Kchag Khenamagal's project. It could be different since the church is being renovated this year and it will not be good to do the Kchag Café in-front of the church anymore. We can plan for it in a different way and with a different concept.

Raffi - What is next for Kchag and the upcoming challenges?
Garbis - To start the main construction, by building 4 new dorms and the dining hall. To plant new pine trees since some of them will be removed during the construction and some of them are already damaged because of natural issues.

Raffi - In the end, what would you like to say to our readers?
Garbis - Thank you for your prayers and support. We ask you to continue your support and let's find more donors to continue the construction. Still we need many people to donate dorms, for other facilities and public areas.

Photos provided by Garbis Deyirmenjian