"I resemble the Armenians living in Turkey to the Turks living in Germany" says Elvan Kivilcim

"I resemble the Armenians living in Turkey to the Turks living in Germany" says Elvan Kivilcim.
The director Elvan Kivilcim, 'Illegal Armenian Workers' struggle for survival brings to the screen in a documentary.

Below is an article that was translated through google, which is not an accurate translation, however a reader will get an idea of the content. The article belongs to Radikal, the Turkish newspaper.

The groud floor school where Armenians get education is none other than the Gedikpasha Armenian Evangelical Church, whose pastor is Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu.

Per capita monthly income is $ 48 Armenia 'in hopes of winning money from Turkey to the living, stuck between the illegal Armenian workers say the story of homesick with this ... Director Elvan Spark, a working illegally Ermenistanlıyla Kumkapi met five years ago, in Istanbul in the Turkish speaking, on a fugitive thought to be suffering from Armenia and the like to be 'Illegal Armenian Workers' produced the documentary ...

Leakage has been difficult to convince Armenians from Armenia to talk ...
To prepare me for an intimate documentary is supposed to open their lives to me is over the wall of fear and insecurity. We work with the camera documentary written media communication tool is difficult. When you sit on one side of the camera sees can tell you everything, especially the illegal işçiyse, almost silent. I shared with people who wanted to discuss how we want to prepare a documentary. As a team, freedom, equality and fraternity-oriented world view and their culture, respect for identities have earned the trust of many.

For the shoot, the Armenian Church, Armenian children on the school you go to training.
Yes, I finished shooting Armenia, for example a single interviewed at home, during the few hours we spent there, noted with webcam shows us just laughed from beginning to end, and "What a good idea!" I said. I stood up with them during the church ceremony, I sat down with them, they filled my eyes are crying.

Turkey in Armenia is known to be working illegally to how many? Mainly what job are they doing?
Enunciated in the lower figure of 15 thousand, the highest of 100 thousand. Many of Armenia while in teachers, people working as a bookkeeper. Housekeeper and baby sitter's here, mostly women, men, a leather shop, shoe store, jeweler skilled / unskilled laborers. Sometimes alone, sometimes people come here with their families. During filming, I had the feeling's always been: Armenians from Armenia, such as we have been Germany's Türklerimiz.

The cost of living and working illegally in a country illegally summarize how?
Identity, health insurance, to be precarious, as the children remain uneducated and ...

Armenia is not here so that diplomatic relations with Armenia are deprived of the protection provided by their consulate. 
Yes, I do not have the money can not get drugs, are unable to go to the hospital. For many years the only place where children can receive education activities on the ground floor of a church school. A short time ago, Turkey 's government of Armenia citizen children in Turkey in the Armenian community has no legal regulation that allows schools to take up training. However, many families still prefer to send their children to school is the unofficial church.

Why is ice at all times of diplomatic relations with Turkey 't prefer it?
Geographical proximity and Turkey for reasons such as economic viability ... And of course there is an Armenian community, all of them despite the difficulties in Turkey to attract.

How are in the mood?
Sadness in your eyes, facial expression and voice tones, tells the homesick, the needs and the fact that the complex is full of all kinds of material and spiritual distress. Turkey , they are condoning illegal work and therefore are in the particular sense of gratitude towards the government. On the other yandaysa, where they come from a nation-state for the Armenians took place between the two countries is not the slightest problem, and justify their lives as a direct reflection of this anxiety are living every moment.