The Annual Meeting of the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin in Lebanon

This year, the International Committee of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin" held its annual meeting in Lebanon, through the invitation of Mrs. Esther Kilaghbian, who is the representative of the Middle East.
The "Fellowship of the Least Coin" is a world-wide womens' movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation, and to set aside their least coins to help women and the achievement of specific projects for children.
During the week, they had a workshop and an opening worship, as well as different activities.
The workshop took place on Saturday, 15 October, 2011, at NEST, in which various women participated from various countries (Egypt, Iraq, Jerusalem, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, England, Switzerland, Philippines, Canada).
Mrs. Esther Kilaghbian led the prayers, after which the chairman, Shirley Mccanley, welcomed everyone and led the women, who each presented about the work that was completed through the fellowship during the year.
Proposals were presented for the advancement of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin" in the Middle East. Afterwards, the women divided into groups and prepared prayers for peace and read them in front of everyone.

On Sunday, 16, October, 2011 at 5:00pm, the opening worship of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin" took place in the Armenian Evangelical First Church. The worship started with the welcoming speech from Mrs. Esther Kilaghbian. After the singing and recitations, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian and Shirley Maginley lighted a candle for peace, as a tradition of the fellowship.
Then each representative passed their greetings from their respective countries. Mrs. Corazon Reyes (executive secretary) gave the sermon and shared about the birth of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin", through Shanti Solomon in 1956, as well as the work of the women till today.
The solo songs were presented in Armenian and Arabic.
The worshippers participated by coming forward and sharing their least coin, after which the special prayer of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin" was read. With singing and benediction the worship was closed.
On the occasion of the 55-th anniversary of the "Fellowship of the Least Coin" a reception took place in the playground of the church.

The International Committee for the Fellowship of the least coin held it annual meeting this year in Dhour Choueir Evangelical Conference center on October 18-20. The meeting gave the chance for fellowship, for sharing reports from the regions, from the executive secretary and the honorary treasurer. The committee decided upon the projects that will be funded during 2012 and between those projects were four projects from the Middle East(one of the projects came from Ainjar Armenian Evangelical boarding school). The committee members come from the diffierent regions of the world like Asia, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific, the Carribean, Latin America and representatives of World Council of Churches, World Day of prayer and Asian Church Women Conference.
The movement is not about money, it's about prayer and God blessed our prayers.


Mrs. Esther Kilaghbian