Haigazian University Business Society involved in community service

In an effort to encourage social responsibility in the business students, the Haigazian University Business Society (HUBS) collaborated with “Cup of Cold Water”, a non-profit charity organization, to organize two events over the Christmas season.

The first of these events consisted of a calendar sale that took place on campus on December 21, 2011. HUBS set up a small booth where students sold a large number of beautiful calendars, designed and prepared by “Cup of Cold Water”. The positive attitude of the students helped with the success of this event. Enthusiastic about the project, they not only bought calendars for themselves but also helped sell calendars to their families, friends and neighbors.

Following this successful fundraising effort, the students gathered on January 3, 2012 for their second project, paying a visit to “CAHL”, a senior center, to wish the elderly a very happy new year. The center is divided into two buildings, one for men and the other for women, and the students implemented the same program in both. They started by asking the assistants to gather the elderly in a common living room, where Mrs. Vera Karageuzian shared with them the beautiful Christmas message of God’s great love for humankind. This was followed by the joyful singing of Christmas carols, in which the elderly eagerly participated. To conclude this festive program, gifts were distributed to everyone, provided by “Cup of Cold Water”. Moreover, the students didn’t forget those who were bedridden and visited them one by one in their rooms. A simple and warm visit succeeded to put a smile on the seniors’ faces and make them realize they are always remembered.

The success of both events was the result of a great collaboration and it revealed the passion of Haigazian University students, who besides contributing in the business life of the university, feel socially responsible towards those in need.