Chanits Day in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church

On Sunday, 26 February, the worship service was dedicated to the Christian Endeavor Association. The youth led the whole service, where:
Mrs. Jimmy Kozman-Ohanian brought the message,
Mr. Ara Torkomian led the singing,
Ms. Christine Simidian read her testimony/report,
Mr. Kevork Koumashian gave his testimony,
Mr. Vartan Hovsepian read the report of Chanits,
Ms. Kohar Apkarian gave her testimony,
Mr. Samuel Demirjian led the prayer,
Ms. Armig Kazezian played the piano,
and Mr. Koko Avesian played the drums.

The Junior Youth (Badaniats) graduates read the Chanits pledge, afterwhich the pastor prayed for the graduating junior youth. The chairman of the Badaniats leaders, Ms. Markrid Markarian distributed the gifts to Christine, Christine, Sarin, Nanor, Caroline, Sevag, Kevork, and Krisd.