Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Board of Elders and Board of Trustees Visiting the Pastor on Christmas

On Sunday, 8 January, after the church worship service, a group of old and new members of the Board of Elders and the Board of Trustees gave a visit to the pastor on Christmas season, remembering that Christ is the real reason.

Mr. Manoug Ibitian (Elders Board), Ms. Ani Baboghlanian (Elders Board), Mr. Raffi Chilingirian (Trustees Board), Rev. and Mrs. Hovanness and Vera Svajian, Mrs. Ani Svajian (church secretary), Mr. Samuel Svajian (Elders Board), Mr. Garoudj Aroyan (Elders Board), Mrs. Araxi Mazmanian (Elders Board), Ms. Houry Barsoumian (Trustees Board, Mr. Manoug Chilingirian (Elders Board)