Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Banquet

On Sunday, 20 November, after the worship service, the banquet of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church took place in the church hall. Ms. Vartoug Balekjian welcomed everyone and emceed the event. Participating in the program were:
- Ms. M. Khoshafian, playing 2 spiritual songs on the piano
- Ms. R. Der Sarkissian, playing a song on the piano
- Mr. G. Aroyan, recited a poem
- Mr. H. Gojigian's visual poetry was displayed
- Mr. M. Chilingirian, led the "Who Will Be the Millionaire?" game with questions from the Bible

Mr. and Mrs. Gojigian

Mr. and Mrs. Bakalian

Mr. and Mrs. Missakian

Mr. and Mrs. Boynerian

Rev. and Mrs. Sabounji

Rev. and Mrs. Karagoezian

Dr. and Mrs. Karageuzian and Mr. and Mrs. Mamigonian

Mr. and Mrs.Karageuzian

Mr. and Mrs. Geyikian