Armenian Minister of Education visits Haigazian University

Armenian Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan paid a visit to Haigazian University on Friday, November 25, 2011, together with a delegation of seven people including the Armenian ambassador to Lebanon and embassy staff. Ashotyan first held a private meeting with the University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, at which he was introduced to the university.

Haidostian presented an overview of Haigazian University, including the majors being offered and the current student body, as well as tuitions and sources of financing. In addition, Haidostian elaborated on the Armenological Review, a university publication whose authors and contributors are mostly Armenians from Armenia. He also introduced the minister to the newly established Armenian Diaspora Research Center.
Minister Ashotyan spoke of the possibility of pursuing joint degrees in partnership with Armenian universities, with an idea of cross-registering students from Armenia to Lebanon and vice versa. The minister expressed great willingness on his part to provide his support for finding prospective Haigazian students in Armenia. He anticipates mutual cooperation between Haigazian University and Armenian universities, facilitating the exchange of students.
Following this private meeting, the minister had an open gathering with the HU faculty, staff and students. Ashotyan explained the reason for his visit to Lebanon was an invitation from his counterpart, the Lebanese Minister of Education, highlighting the cooperation between the two countries. The key aim of this visit is the furnishing of 120 science laboratories in Lebanese schools,a gift being offered by the Republic of Armenia.
The minister discussed the current agenda for higher education in Armenia, with a focus on improving the quality as well as the affordability of higher education. The ministry, which is constantly monitoring the quality of education in the country, has seen the rise of 33 centers of higher education by the end of 2011.
The visit was concluded with an exchange of gifts. President Haidostian offered several HU books from the university’s publications while Minister Ashotyan presented him with a framed copy of the Lord’s Prayer in Armenian.