Isn’t it wonderful to remember that we can always trust God? Financial needs, volunteer teachers, organization of trips… were full of concern. But trusting in the Lord made us enjoy and have a wonderful summer school full of God’s protection and blessings.

D.V.B.School took place in Nor Marash Church from 4 July – 5 August, 2011 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
12 volunteer teachers served God, by working in D.V.B.S. Most of them enjoyed their first experience, always having in mind ‘The Parable of the Tenants (Matthew 21)’, that God has trusted His work to us. So, we have to serve Him with all our hearts; doing our best.
We had 78 children whose ages varied between three and thirteen years old.

The five-week program was the following (except for the trip-days):
1. Physical Exercises
2. Worship (prayers, spiritual songs, Psalm 8, Bible stories)
3. Class Division for Bible Lessons & Crafts (according to age)
4. Recess (individual/group games & snacks)
5. Activity Time (hand-crafts, watching videos, & swimming-pool [with barbeque]).
6. Club Division (dance, sports & crafts)

Usually, the majority of the children were from non-Evangelical schools/ families. We are glad for this, because the D.V.B.S. aim was to offer them the chance to hear about Jesus, closer to their hearts.

During worship we emphasized the importance of prayer. We taught them that they should pray every day for themselves and for others. And it was lovely to see children who never prayed and who started trying to talk to Lord Jesus by praying few words.

Our goal was to lead the children to learn to be OBEDIENT, starting from their homes, to their parents and then being Obedient to God, by reading and keeping God’s word in their heart.
They studied 10 Bible lessons through the exciting Bible stories. All heroes were taken of Being obedient or disobedience.
The kids enjoyed the lessons because each had exciting workbooks for activities, which all were taken home at the end of DVBS.

The trip days were one of the most awaited days. Thank God, we were able to have a trip once a week. We went 2 times to “KCHAG”, the Christian Endeavour Resort Campus, where we worshiped God and had indoor and outdoor activities with lunch. Then we went to the “Luna Park”, ‘Splash Land” swimming pool, and “Jungle Land” playground. And also children were enjoying having swimming pools and BBQ lunch in our campus.
We had Birthday Party with “Parev Pokrigner” group. Their characters created great interest and happy atmosphere. They played drama having a moral lesson “ Being obedient” and played games with children. Children were served with juice, cakes, and popcorn. At the end of the party the children were distributed gifts (T-shirts, shorts and pants) donated from World Vision. Children were very happy with that.
The last day we had our wonderful farewell party, parents were invited to hear a lecture about ‘how to teach and behave with our children to make them learn obedience’ then children performed all the songs, verses, psalms, prayers, and the dance that they have learned through 5 weeks. At the end each child received his work in a decorated file, and CD of all their pictures as a memory.

We’ve never let any child deprived of DVBS’s joy, as a result of his financial situation.

We are thankful to all whose financial support was an encouragement for all of us. The World Vision, the Youth Endeavor (Korzatir) , and to our Church board.

We are so grateful to God for the year’s blessings of harmony, success, and safety. We thank God for all the volunteer supporters in different essential and unique ways. And to all our teachers:
Virjinia, Dzovig, Sonig, Mary, Narin, Anahid, Joseph, Apel, Araz, Hasmig and Patil,

Teaching children is hard work. It’s exhausting but most of all it is FUN, FUN, FUN! The most important job we’ve done. May God bless each child, the teachers who taught God’s wonderful Word to His precious children, those who prayed for us, and those who helped us financially and morally.


Anita Jamgotchian-Andonian

World Vision

Happy Birthday


Super Students

At Kchag