The Facebook Page of the Chanitz Blog Reaches 300 Likers!

The Chanitz Blog of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church has passed the toddler ages and just months ago we celebrated its fifth anniversary (link) of the launch of the ministry that has reached to the four corners of the world.

In 2006, when Lebanon was in the Summer 30-day war, we were building up the very first bricks of the blog. While people were speaking about destruction and chaos, we were struggling to find the right tools that would help the Armenian Evangelical youth connect and encourage each other to remain faithful to God and His path. Building up this unique platform and the blog, we so gleefully achieved.

We have received congratulations and inspiring words from many of you (link), residing in various parts of God's created world, throughout all those five years, and your emails and messages have only pushed us forward to remain steadfast in our mission and endeavor to reach many with the living and breathing stories of the Christian youth and Christian ministries in this part of the world.

Recently, with Social Networking being the buzz word and Facebook becoming the new baby of the internet, we have also established our Facebook page (link) during the past year, which has now reached 300 followers.

Please pray for us and for this ministry to keep its volunteering spirit alive, to become a bridge among the youth (through this blog, two virtual connections from the USA and France have come to meet us in Lebanon), and spread the news of His ever-young Church.