"Click On To God's Social Network" - Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian

How many of your friends are on Facebook? Some people claim they have like 300, others almost 600! I wonder how in the world they can track each ones news and updates. But it seems they are doing. Once I read that even before the launching of the so called social networks, statistically speaking six chain friendship ties could make anyone on the planet be know by any other person; in another meaning, the stranger you are shopping next to in the supermarket could known by a friend that is your friend's friends'….. friend.

Although it is not our interest to explain the reason behind the rapid expansion of the social network users, but it still tells us something about our human nature; we long to be sought, found and noticed. Once I read one of our church junior high member's lines on the facebook, where she has launched a picture of her and was begging her friends to write any comment, even meaningless ones. People feel bad when others neglect them. 

I believe that for this basic existential and psychological human need, the first question asked in the Old Testament was "Where are you" (Genesis 3.9). When the man was in hiding from the face of God, God came down and searched for the man.

God sought the human being because in its essence the whole creation was primarily about God sharing the existence with us, establishing and launching a friendship circle, a social and spiritual network where the whole creation is involved. This network is open for everyone and God's friendship requests are sent to each of us.

On a daily basis God asks us the same question; "where are you?" in case we have lost our orientation, in case we have lost our sense of direction, in case we have lost the courage to stand before God and every now and then when we receive His friendship request, we either delete or postpone. But God is patient and He does not weary and His circle never closes up.

As it is in the facebook, likewise the church calendar embodies the different images of God's profile and thoughts presented to the church. In Advent His preparation to visit the earth is portrayed, in Lent it invites the church to prepare herself for the Atonement. In Epiphany Jesus is revealed as the Son of God, in Pentecost God descends to revive the spiritual flames of the church. God's face is portrayed in Jesus' life, teaching, sacrificial act and resurrection. To see the face of Jesus is to see God.

In this respect our being is all about God and the church, it is about the new people chosen to build a new community and a new circle of sacred friendship. And the church is called to stick to the example of her Lord and continue to ask the same Biblical question; Where are you?\

We live in an age and a society where individualism is cherished and lived to its highest point. We live in a world where inter-believers solidarity is diminishing due to hectic schedules lifestyle or even mentality. But at the same time we form this circle of love, trust and unity and we are called to ask that same question, seek for the forgotten and to start making a difference in our circles.

If you are still out of God's socio-spiritual network, click on and join the group and never be surprises to find out that the first question asked in the New Testament was "Where is He" (Matthew 2.2). If we find Jesus then we have found God and found each other. Amen.

Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian,
Immanuel Armenian Congregational Church, CA