Armenian Evangelical Christian Social Center - DVBS 2011

Armenian Evangelical Christian Social Center
DVBS 2011

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD… (Psalm 127:3) 

As God calls children "blessing”, the Armenian Evangelical Social Center in Trad, Bourj Hamoud was blessed with more than 100 children this year, through the Daily Vacation Bible School that took place from July 11- August 19, 2011.

The children coming from the area of Trad and its neighborhood, gathered every weekday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and became part of the exciting Summer Playground activities. Having in mind the mission of the Daily Vacation Bible School , which is to provide an opportunity for the children to learn about God and offer community service through fun and interactive activities like music, Bible stories, crafts, games and more, thirteen leaders joined their efforts to become part of the ministry. They actively became part of this challenging service, genuinely showing God’s love and care. The leaders were socially conscious and very careful to spend quality time with them through playing and listening to what they had to share.

The program was designed to meet children’s needs and interests in a positive and interactive learning atmosphere. It included worship, Bible lesson, Psalm memorization, continuous story, and free games. In addition, on Tuesdays and Thursday, the children had the chance to choose one of five different activities: drawing, cooking, dance, drama and sports. The cooking club prepared yummy food for the whole students to eat and enjoy. The dancers and theatre crew got prepared to perform in front of their parents during the closing event that took place in Kchag on September 19, 2011. As for the sports and drawing groups, the members followed the leaders’ directions in guiding the activities.

The Bible lesson theme was The Women of the Bible, through which the children learned the importance of “Trusting God” “Depending On God”, “Obeying God” and “Loving God”.

  1. Mary, an ordinary woman with a special calling 
  2. Mary Magdalene, a woman who showed her gratitude 
  3. Miriam, A woman who saw the answer to her prayers 
  4. Hannah, A woman who kept her promise to God 
  5. Deborah, A woman who brought an entire Nations back to God 
  6. Ruth, A woman whose loyalty was stronger than her grief. 

Thursdays were announced as “Cultural Day”. During those days, the children were introduced to the history, culture, arts, and songs of each of Mexico, Hawaii, Egypt, India and China. They even got to taste some of those countries’ cultural recipes. The Kindergarten children had their special program of crafts, story-telling, worship, games, other recreational activities. This year they also had the chance to learn about different cultures like Lebanon, Armenia, Italy, France and Brazil.

Fridays were reserved for outings. The children enjoyed visiting and playing at Beirut Mall’s Adventure World, Yuppie Park, Mousa Castle, Fun Zone and Living Colors. Mothers also had their share of activities this year. Every Friday different sessions were held addressing different issues that families face, which ended with an outing accompanied by Mrs. Rita Mangelikian, appreciating their attendance and participation. 

The sessions were as follows:

  1. Violence and its effect on children – Mr. Manoug Ibitian 
  2. Drugs – Miss. Houry Jinbashian 
  3. First aid and home safety- Miss. Nanore kulunjian 
  4. Discipline – Mrs. Vera Svadjian 

The whole program wouldn’t have been possible without the readiness of 13 leaders who chose to play an active role in making this summer remarkable for the children: Miss. Marina Tcheulmekian, Mrs. Dzovinar Gumushian, Miss Sandra Tcheulmekian , Miss. Shogher Doudaklian, Miss. Alice Iprajian, Mrs. Maral Festekjian , Mr. Vartan Doudaklian, Mr. Mgo Kurumian, Miss. Areni Svajian, Miss. Caroline Keshishian, Miss. Roubina Margossian, Miss. Dzovig Arnelian, Mrs. Vartoug Barsoumian. 

We thank God for making the DVBS a blessing both to us and the children. 

SAC Children’s Worker 
Liza Barsoumian