An Interview with Mike Hagopian, on the Occassion of the Emmanuel Football Team Winning the AIA Tournament

The Athletes In Action (AIA) tournament just ended and this year's champions were our Emmanuel Football team. On this celebratory occassion, we had an interview with Mike Hagopian, the captain, to give us further details about the tournament and their secret for success.

(Interview by Raffi)

Raffi - Can you tell us about this tournament and how many churches participated?
Mike - 12 Evengelical (Arab and Armenian) churches participated in this tournament (AIA church league) and our church's football team was one of them The aim of this tournament is to worship God by playing football together.

Raffi - Who are the Emmanuel Church's football team members?
Mike - Our football team members consist of 11 players: 7 of them are chanitzagans (MIKE, DONJACK, GARO, JANO, KOKOSHIG, GAROSHIG, AVO) and 2 of them are badanees(KEVO, SEVAG), and 2 players who don't attend our church (VARTAN, KRIKOR ATIKIAN).

Raffi - What was different in this year's tournament plan?
Mike - The organization was better, and the participating teams were more than last year.

Raffi - In our last interview (here), you said, "this year we are going to be the champions", and you did it. What were the secret of this year's achievement?
Mike - I'm very happy that we are the champions of this year's tournament, we did very well team work and we were more organized than last year, and I think that this year the credit goes to our teenage players (badanees) who helped us with their talented abilities and skills to achieve more and be the champs of this tournament.

Raffi - Any future plans or tournaments that you'd participate in?
Mike - I think we need some break after playing for 7 months :) but ofcourse we will participate again next year, in this tournament (AIA church league), and my dream is to see new (badanee) players joining our team....THANK YOU Raffi