Prime Minister of Artsakh, Ara Haroutyounian Visits Haigazian University

Beirut 08/03/2011 - On Friday, March 4, 2011, Prime Minister of Artsakh, Ara Haroutyounian, visited Haigazian University with a delegation of 4 people as part of his tour to Lebanon, especially the various sectors of the Armenian community.
In the presence of faculty and staff as well as a select group of students, President Paul Haidostian welcomed the Prime Minister and spoke of the critical role of Haigazian University as an educational pillar in the Diaspora.
Haidostian maintained that in addition to playing a vital role in preserving the Armenian identity, Haigazian is competing and cooperating with the local communities on all levels of education.
Haidostian reflected on the work that had been done in recent years to develop Haigazian’s relationships with Armenia, including Memoranda of Understanding with the Yerevan State University (YSA), Armenian Relief Society, and Vivacell MTS. Through its cooperation with ARS, Haigazian is sponsoring a student from Artsakh each year.
Finally, Haidostian referred to the related courses currently being offered at Haigazian, namely a course on the “Karabagh Conflict” and a course on genocide studies.
Prime Minister Haroutyounian addressed the audience with a broad outlook, appreciating the fact that Haigazian embodies a model contemporary university rather than being solely Armenian.
Haroutyounian stressed the universality of education and knowledge and acknowledged the importance of cooperation. He was in favor of mutual visits and programs and relying on the human capital that the Diaspora has to offer.
Following his speech, the Prime Minister offered two books, a history of Karabagh and an Atlas, as gifts. In return, President Haidostian presented the Prime Minister with the latest HU Armenological Review, noting that a number of contributors to the journal come from Karabagh, and a trophy of the 55th Anniversary logo.
The meeting ended with friendly conversation and fellowship.