Chanitz Valentines Day in the Armenian Evangelical Church of Nor-Marash

After the great success of the Christmas event, the EC Production committee proposed to have a new event organized on Valentine’s occasion. Besides the light dinner - starters cold sandwiches, tuna/pasta salad, and soft drinks - the group has offered a bouquet of soft entertainment shows all themed up for St. Valentine’s day.

The opening of the night was a light worship lead by Christine-Ann Keshian, who also informed the rest about St. Valentine’s and its significance. The worship was followed by a Walts dance performed by 3 out of the 9 couples we have in our group - Vartan/Lucy - Shahe/Rita - and Joseph/Houry. The dance was choreographed by Shahe Demirjian. After the Waltz Christine-Ann and Raffi Akbasharian performed an Armenian duet called "Im Sere Kez" accompanied by Joseph kfoury on the piano. The production has prepared videos, which were screened in the evening; for a couple of advertisements which were recreated by the team to have them matching the event and making them funnier. The remakes were Nescafe and Tortilla chips ads. There were also 2 games in the program, one was called "Heik mn ghanni" lead by Sako Magarian and Houry Demirjian, with the help of Joseph Kfoury. The game was consisted of singing competitions of 2 levels - first they were supposed to guess the song when a small part was played, the other level was to sing a song with the word that appears on the screen. The other game was targeted to the singles, which was coached by Christine-Ann Keshian and Vartan Akbasharian. They were supposed to answer the questions they pick all related to being singles! The final part was a remake of The Talk of The Town where 6 people were invited to the stage to be interviewed along with the videos prepared previously that consisted of interviewed couples from inside and outside the Marash Youth group. The interviews were done by Christine Ann and Naryie Tertsagian. The Show was hosted by Shahe Demirjian.
The whole night was hosted by Sako Magarian and Houry Demirjian.
Last but not least, there were gift vouchers that were offered to the group 3 invitations from Roadster and Deek Duke. The winners were selected by a random picking up of the names.

I would like to thank all the EC-Production members, for their time, effort and worthy ideas that were put to reality. In addition to the members of the committee, I would also like to thank the members who came and took part in the event without them, everything was going to be useless. Topping all these, my gratitude goes to God who gave us the strength and love to serve wholeheartedly.

* EC - Event Committee.

Shahe Demirjian


*Photos courtesy of Aline and Lucy