The Exchange Program Between the French and Lebanese Youth

During the month of August 2010, a group of French young men and women came to Lebanon as part of the Exchange Program between French and Lebanese youth.
This program was organized by the EUL (Equipes Unionistes Luthériennes) in partnership with the ACO (Action Chrétienne en Orient). A team of four coaches were responsible for the organization: Annelise Deiss (Director), Marion Heyl, Anne-Catherine Weiss, Gauthier Feuga (facilitators).

The group worked at Kchag, cleaning the area next to the playground. They also visited the various Armenian Evangelical churches and their corresponding youth groups; they also had lots of touristic acitvities like going to Chouf, Beiteddine, Cedar Reserve in Chouf. They visited Tripoli, Byblos, Jeita, Farayya, Harisa... as well as universities in Beirut, like Haigazian Univerisity, NEST Theological School and the American University of Beirut.

At Kchag with Badveli Sebouh Terzian

At NEST (Near East School of Theology)

With the chanitz youth of the Armenian Evangelical Marash Church

With the chanitz youth of the Armenian Evangelical First Church

Visiting Beiteddine

Visiting the Cedar Reserves

At Kchag, with the big Armenian Evangelical family

At kchag, during sharing time and discussions

The French group cleaning the area next to the playground at Kchag

* Photos courtesy of Betty Kechejian and Luder Artinian