EQUIP Leadership Training, Volume II, Notebook 6 - TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH

October-2010: For the third consecutive year, the International EQUIP training took place in the beautiful town of Harissa. The participants came from Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, and they all completed this last leadership training and received their diplomas.
Mr. Tom Atema, the speaker presented most of the lessons, and assisting him was Rev. Khalil, from Jordan, who presented some of the lessons.

The title of the Chapters:
1- Become a Talent-Plus Person
2- Talent Plus Initiative and Focus
3- Talent Plus Preparation and Practice
4- Talent Plus Perseverance and Courage
5- Talent Plus Teachability, Character and Responsibility
6- Talent Plus Relationships and Teamwork

Participating from Lebanon:
Ms. Shake Geocherian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Serop Ohanian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Mano Chilingirian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Raffi Chilingirian (Emmanuel Church),
Ms. Silva Chilingirian (Marash Church)

Participating from Syria:
Pastor Datev Basmajian (Damascus Church),
Mrs. Sirag Karagoezian-Basmajian (Damascus Church).

(L to R): Silva Chilingirian, Serop Ohanian, Shake Geocherian, Raffi Chilingirian, Sirag Karagoezian, Mano Chilingirian, and Badveli Datev Basmajian at the back.

The worship leaders

The participants received Tom's newly published book: Leadership in Blue Jeans