The Computerized Western Armenian Bible

Ari Topouzkhanian and the Alsacian Bible Association are happy to present you the computerized version of the Armenian Bible driven by the Biblia Universalis software.

Material Included in the CD-ROM

  • Western Armenian Reference Bible (Bible Society of Lebanon 2001)
  • Louis Segond (French Bible 1910)
  • Darby (French Bible (c) Editions Bibles et Litérature Chrétienne 1991)
  • King Jame (English Bible 1611)
  • Luther (German Bible 1912)
  • La Nuova Diodati (Italian Bible (c) Edizione La Buona Novella 1991)
  • La Santa Biblia NVI (Spanish Bible (c) International Bible Society 1999)
  • Biblia Sagrada NVI (Portugese Bible (c) International Bible Society 1993, 2000)
  • Vulgate (Latin Bible)
Configuration: Mac OS 7.5 or higher, Windows 95 or higher
Armenian Bible (c) 2002 - Alsacian Bible Association