Summer Playground Report – 2010, U.A.E.C.N.E. Social Action Committee

Cheers, laughter, and excitement filled the premise of the Armenian Evangelical Social Center in Trad, Bourj Hamoud, from July 12 – August 13, 2010. 100 children gathered every weekday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and became part of the exciting Summer Playground activities that were designed to meet many interests and to leave a positive impact on the children.

With the leadership of Miss Liza Barsoumian, the Counselor and Children’s Worker of the Social Action Center, Mrs. Maro Topeian, Mrs. Dzovinar Gumushian, Mrs. Kohar Jambazian, Miss Talar Kassarjian, Miss Alice Iprajian, Miss Nanore Saghrian, Miss Nareh Kerdian, Miss Nazani Svajian, Mr. Hrag Avedanian, Mr. Vartan Doudaklian, Mr. Sero Kelougian, Miss Areni Svajian, Miss Caroline Keshishian, Miss Roubina Margossian, Miss Dzovig Arnelian, Mrs. Vartoug Barsoumian, Miss Zarmig Soussani all enjoyed being with the children, whom they wanted to serve with a caring heart and creative mind.

8:30 am was the time when kids gathered and got prepared to start their day. The program included worship time, Bible lesson, Psalm memorization, continuous story, and free games. Children of elementary age were asked to choose one of the following activity clubs: Crafts, Sports, Cooking, Dance, and Theatre. The groups gathered every Tuesday and Thursday, and each learned new things according to the specific club. The crafts group made interesting and creative items to be exhibited during the closing event. The cooking club prepared yummy food for the whole students to eat and enjoy. The dancers and theatre crew got prepared to perform in front of their parents during the closing event. As for the sports group, the participants followed the coach’s instructions in stretching, playing sports games, and staying fit.

Thursdays were announced as “Cultural Day”. During those days, the children were introduced to the history, culture, arts, and songs of each of Lebanon, Armenia, Italy, and France. The Kindergarten had its special program of crafts, story-telling, worship, games, and other recreational activities.

Fridays were reserved for outings. The children enjoyed visiting and playing at Beirut Mall’s Adventure World, Youpie Park, Blue Beach and Living Colors.
In addition to the visit of the “Parev Pokrigner” animation group to our center, other activities included a joint event with the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church’s DVBS group, and a visit to the Old People’s Home (CAHL) where the children met with the older generation and sang, recited verses, and listened to the grandparents residing at the institution.

The whole program, along with the closing event, wouldn’t have been possible without the readiness of 17 leaders who chose to play an active role in making this summer remarkable for the children.

We thank God for being with us during the five weeks of DVBS, during which we enjoyed many blessings through His little creations and through the talents which He has endowed the leaders with. We pray that the seeds that were sewn be watered and nourished by His Spirit, according to His wisdom.

August 2010