An Interview with Mrs. Seta Karagoezian, on the Occassion of the Preparations for the 60th Anniversary Events of the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School

In 2011, the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School will celebrate its 60 years of providing quality Christian Education, preparing generations of Armenians, inspiring students to be law-abiding citizens and educating them with Christian values and principles. On this occasion, we had an interview with Mrs. Seta Karagoezian, the principal of the school, to give details about the upcoming 60th Anniversary events.

(Interview by Raffi)

Raffi - Can you tell us about the history of the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School?
Seta - Here's a brief history of Torosian
The growing number of Armenians in the Amanos area inspired Rev. Yenovk Hadidian to start a school. Thus in 1951 (Kindergarten section only) was started in a groundfloor appartment of a buiding nearby.
Of the current building, the piece of land belongs to AMAA, and the building expenses of the two floors came as the generous donation of Peter & Elizabeth Torosians. Later in 1981 the third floor was added by the committed efforts of Mr. Ogustin Bedir.
From the founding date, year after year classes were added to the school and grade 9 was completed in 1972-1973 academic year.
The school is still faithful to its mission, rendering good Christian Education to new generations. Although times change, methods change yet the school faces new challenges each year and tries hard to keep up.

Raffi - A 60th Anniversary committee was formed, can you tell us who the committee members are?
Seta - In October 2010, by the decision of the Board of Trustees a 60th anniversary committee was formed. Its members are:
Ms. Ani Baboghlanian(Class of '82)
Ms. Shake Geocherian(Class of '82)
Ms. Mable Mamigonian(member of the Board of Trustee)
Ms. Alidz Sabounjian(has been the secretary for over 25 years)
Mr. Mike Hagopian(Class of '97)
Mr. Jean Baghboudarian(Class of '03)
Ms. Seta Karagoezian(is the principal since 1988)

Raffi - Can you tell us about the events that the committee is organizing?
Seta - The committee has planned the following events:
  1. A local alumni gathering on 22 Jan. 2011, in school
  2. "Yeraz" 's theater performance on 25 Feb.2011, in Hovhannes Boghossian hall.
  3. Easter Bazaar on 7 & 8 April, 2011, in school
  4. A brunch for mothers in May 2011 (exact date to be announced)
  5. Trip to Cilicia/Badmagan Hayasdan in Aug.1-6 OR Aug.1-12 (details will follow)
  6. A banquet in early December 2011 (exact date will be announced later)
  7. A 60th anniversary yearbook.

Raffi - How many graduates do you have today, and are you able to keep in contact with your graduates?
Seta - Intermediate graduates until today are around 500. They are distributed all over the world. We have contacts with many of them in Lebanon. There is a group of Torosiantsees in LA that have met twice in the previous years.
Facebook is making the contact easier.

Raffi - What would like to say to the students and to the alumni of Torosian School?
Seta - To all Torosiantsees I want to say that Torosian School belongs to you all. You have spent a good number of your life here, and have gained good memories.
Do your best to participate in its 60th anniversary celebrations as much as possible. Let's all join in giving thanks to God for the 60 years of blessings we all have shared.
Hope to see you all.