Junior Youth (Badaniatz) Camp

This year, the Junior’s Youth Camp of the Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union was held July 12-19.
Fifty-eight Juniors, ages 13-16, came from all of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon to participate. Pastor Datev Basmadjian of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Damascus was the featured speaker. Pastor Basmadjian and
seven counselors led the Camp.
The Camp’s theme, “WAKA WAKA”, was inspired by the Soccer World Cup of 2010 in South Africa and means “go forward and do it.” The Juniors were challenged to live
up to their faith and practice the Christian principles that they learned during Camp and in their churches.
The themes for each day were:
Day 1: Principles (with the Bible being the source)
Day 2: Peer pressure
Day 3: Sin
Day 4: Fear
Day 5: Jesus as our Coach
The Camp started each morning with warm up exercises followed by breakfast and quiet time with God. After the theme was presented, the Juniors were divided into Bible study groups to reflect on the questions raised during the presentations. After lunch, the group was divided into four workshop groups: cooking, acting, dancing and video clip. They also worked on the talent show which took place the
last day of Camp.

(Front, L to R): Kayané Messerlian, Monica Hovsepian, Rev. Raffi Messerlian, Hagop Akbasharian, Nanor Kelenjian, Anita Jamgochian.
(Back, L to R): Hovhanness Hovsepian, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Jirayr Ghazarian, Shahan Kilaghbian