An Interview with Ms. Semaline Bekarian, Unconditional Love

In spite of the selfishness that the world encourages us to become part of, and in spite of its daring effect also on the Christian community, there are people who fervently, adamantly and cheerfully follow the path of giving it all for the sake of others, to reflect Him. This is what Semaline Bekarian calls Unconditional Love.

(Interview by Raffi)

Raffi - What are the reasons that make you want to help?
Semaline - There is no reason… Well life is a gift, and all of us are gifted. I believe that improving this world and life begins with “I”. According to me, after the verb “to Love”, “to Help” is the most beautiful verb in the world.

Raffi - What about your parents and friends, don't they tell you that you should be taking care of your needs and that you're young and need to be happy, rather than taking others' burdens?
Semaline - Nice question Raffi =) First of all, it’s not a burden at all, it's happiness.
But first you need to discover yourself, your own happiness. If you don’t know how to help yourself, you can’t give to others, and you can’t understand other people’s needs. By helping yourself and your family, you will find yourself on a path to help others genuinely.
Well, my parents are the first supporters to me, beside my wonderful friends, especially to "Sossy and Armen Balian”. I am super thankful for them.

Raffi - What kind of reactions have you received, that you still cannot forget?
Semaline - I can’t find words to express… but I will say this that they will never forget you.

Raffi - How can you define love?
Semaline - Nice one =) The definition of love is unique, and every person has a different experience with it, and this difference in experiencing love is a big part of our problem today.
Let me clear it up… For me, the most true and pure love is unconditional. It has no strings attached, no class, no positions, no levels, no expectations, no conditions, no complications, no hidden agendas, no separation... Unconditional love is healthy, healing with uplifting joy, peace and freedom. I can say a lot more, but I want to stop here and say one word: Unconditional. Love is simply saying "GOD", Who is limitless, endless, infinite; the divine, the source. As we follow His example and live according to His words, we influence our minds and feelings, and His Word helps us discern whether something is true or not.

Raffi - What can you tell us about people today? Do you agree that they have become more selfish? If yes, why?
Semaline - Well Raffi people are the same in all times, and this isn’t something new. If you take a look at history, you will see that people are inherently selfish. Selfishness is rooted in our biology, even in our genes... Generally I find this trait, not only in the materialistic field, but also socially and emotionally. It’s a long story.
This world teaches us the following: I deserve "this" and "that", I want more for my children than my parents gave me, and the children (grown up children) continue the same thinking, especially in America. When I was living there, I seldom saw children holding credit cards in their hands. It's funny, one day I was joking, I said: you know you’re living in 2010 when you have to remind kindergartners to turn off their cell phones before the story starts.
Today’s "life style": I, ME, MY, MORE, MORE, MORE. We believe that technology can give us a better life and we want more of it.

In the end, I want to say the following: The more control and power you gain and achieve, the more fearful you become of losing it. Your situation is never totally secure. Pursuing great power is endless. In America, people have everything, but they have so many problems. Their outer actions just show the symptoms of larger inner problems. They have a lot of anger inside them.
I want to conclude with this: our Creator is the author of our lives. God wants us to show to this world what it truly means to be good, not only with sympathy but with empathy. And to use His wisdom in dealing with matters, emotionally and socially. God wants us to lay our self confidence in Him, by trusting Him all our burdens. He wants us to be solid and balanced persons that others will love, respect and admire as children of God. You cannot teach to people everything, but you can help them to discover themselves, by discovering their Creator and believe me, then, they will give without remembering and take without forgetting.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the year.
Remember this on Christmas day, that love weighs more than gold!