An Interview with Mike Hagopian, captain of the Emmanuel Football Team

The Emmanuel Football team is participating in the AIA Tournament, which is being held in the Sin el-Fil Municipal playgrounds, in Beirut. The Emmanuel Church's team currently ranks 1st and on this occasion, we had an interview with Mike Hagopian, the captain.

(Interview by Raffi)

Raffi - What is the AIA?
Mike - AIA stands for ATHLETS in ACTION, which is an international organization. Their mission statement is: Building spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Raffi - Which teams are you competing with?
Mike - There are 10 teams competing, most of which are church football teams representing various Arab Evangelical churches. Including us, there are 2 Armenian teams, and we are the only Armenian Evangelical Church team participating in this tournament.

Raffi - What is so special about this tournament?
Mike - What is special is that it's a Christian tournament and we reflect to the people around us that we can play football without hurting or using foul language to each other. Also, at the end of the tournament, a group of young Christian athletes come from Holland and they join us with playing football and having Bible Studies as well as fun games, after which we pray together.

Raffi - Last year you came out 2nd, this year how do you plan to get the cup?
Mike - Yes, last year we came out 2nd but this year we are going to be the champions, because we are well prepared and our players are playing good this season, especially our teen players...