Haigazian University Celebrates its 55th Anniversary in Armenia

Beirut, Sept. 20, 2010- Within the framework of the celebrations of Haigazian University’s 55th Anniversary, a 30-person delegation, headed by University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, enjoyed a one-week trip to Armenia during the first week of September 2010.
The delegation, composed of a mix of faculty, staff and alumni took part in a rich and intensive tour program, covering the major touristic sights of the country, in addition to paying official visits to government agencies and sister institutions.
The group had the chance to discover the beauty and the mystery of medieval churches and monasteries, such as Geghard, St. Hripsime, Haghardsin, Sevanavank, Haghbat, Sanahin and Noravank, the Mother Cathedral of St. Ejmiadzin, as well as the Garni Temple.
They also enjoyed the charming nature of the mountains and villages, mainly in the provinces of Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, Sevan, Lori and Vayots Dzor.
Some visits were very emotional in nature; for instance, in front of the memorial sculptural complex of Sartarabad, symbol of Armenian pride and survival, and the genocide memorial monument and museum, Tsisernagapert, where the group stood for a moment of silence and prayer, thus paying respect to the 1,500,000 martyrs, and in the memory of Dr. Armenag Haigazian, the namesake of the University, himself a victim of the Genocide.
Amongst the very condensed schedule, the group paid official visits to two sister institutions, the American University of Armenia (AUA), and the Yerevan State University (YSU). Senior staff and faculty members conducted short presentations about the Universities and their latest achievements.
At their visit to the Ministry of Diaspora, Minister Hranoush Hagopian, expressed her gratitude for the effective cooperation between the two entities and presented the Ministry’s latest activities during the past two years, as well as its upcoming projects.
At the headquarters of the AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association of America), the group listened attentively to the leader of the Armenian Evangelical Community, Rev. Rene Leonian, who briefed them about the community in general, and the religious, social, educational, and medical activities carried out by the church, in particular.
President Haidostian, whose visit to Armenia was extended, conducted follow-up visits and meetings in Yerevan and Artsakh.
In Artsakh, he visited the President of the Republic Pako Sahakian, the Minister of Education, and the Artsakh State University President and deans, where he laid flowers on the monument of the martyrs of the university in the Artsakh war, in addition to the ministries of the AMAA and the Evangelical church; then back in Yerevan, he met with the Rector of the Yerevan State University and discussed future cooperation, the CEO of the Armenian Telecom Company, Vivacell, Mr. Ralf Yirikian and thank him for the chance given to Haigazian University students to do their internship at Vivacell-MTS, in addition to a follow-up visit with Minister Hranoush Hagopian and her staff.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director


At the headquarters of the AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association of America)


Lake Sevan

Ministry of Diaspora

Minister Hranoush Hagopian

Photos by Garin Haidostian