Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's 2nd Family Retreat

On Friday, May 21, 2010, at 6.30 pm, a group of Church members headed to Dhour Shouyer to have their family retreat.

After registration, dinner was served. Ms. A. Baboghlanian led the opening worship service. Mr. Varouj Mazmanian (the guest speaker) delivered the meditation (Heb.10.19-25). The social evening were led by Mr. S. Demirjian and Mr. A. Ovigian.

On Saturday, May 22, after the breakfast, the group had its quiet time and prayer. Ms. Sh. Geotcherian led the morning worship service. Mr. V. Mazmanian delivered the first message, with the theme “The Word of God”.
Some details were.- the example of the “hand”, to listen the Word, read, study, learn it by heart, meditate and implement. The example of Jesus (Matth.4.1-11). The Word of God is trustworthy (Josh.23.14: Ps.33.4:Pr.30.5-6). What can the Word of God do to your life (Ps.37.31: Jn.15.3: Acts 20.32: 2 Tim.3.16: James 1.21). The uniqueness of the Psalm 119. Why do I believe in the Bible: Internal proofs (Am.1.3: Jl.1.1: Hos.1.1: 2 Tim.3.16: 2 Pet.1.21: Lk.2.1-3: 1 Jn.1.3). External proofs (Manuscripts, Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus, Saturnalia). Archeological proofs. Prophecy is fulfilled. What can God’s Word do to people’s lives ((Jer.23.3: 1 Pet.5.7).

After the message, we had a break for refreshments. After the break, we had a Bible study in four groups, whose leaders were Mrs. A. Mazmanian, Ms. V. Balekjian, Ms. Sh. Geotcherian and Mr. M. Ibitian.

At 1:00, we had our lunch. At 3:00 pm, we had our second message, with a theme “Prayer”.- definition (Heb.4.16). How to pray. The parts of a balanced prayer.- worship (Heb.13.15), confession (Ps.38.18), thanksgiving (Epsh.5.20), request (1 Sam.12.23: James 1.5). The Lord’s Prayer (Matth.6.9-13). What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus (Jn.16.24). What does it mean to say ‘Amen’ What are the things that hinder our prayers to be answered (James 4.2-3: 1 Jn.5.14: Is.59.2). what are some of the benefits of prayer (Jer.33.3: Eph.3.20: Ps.34.4). prepare a prayer list, God answers your prayers. Quiet time.

After refreshments, we held our Bible study in the same four groups. Mr. M. Ibitian delivers the message of the closing worship service. After the closing words and the Lord’s Prayer, the participants returned to the Emmanuel Church campus at 7:30 pm. The organizing committee was Ms. Sh. Geotcherian, Ms. A. Baboghlanian, Mr. M. Ibitian and the pastor of the Church. Ms. Armig Kazezian played the Piano. We thank Mr. V. Mazmanian, the Church’s secretary and every person on the program. The participants of the camp was 38, together with 9 children. Praise God.