Kchag Renovation Day

The only way to connect the young generation to a place is by involving them in community services and projects where hands would work together to make a lasting change, minds would be filled with great memories and a positive mark would be left behind.

After many years of neglect, on May 29, 2010, the badaneez of the Armenian Evangelical Marash Church and Trad Social Center joined hands and put on marvelous efforts plucking out the decade-long weeds that had sprouted all over the open-air basketball court of Kchag Summer Camp. Another group of boys emptied two cluttered cottage rooms, located on the left of Kchag perimeter, of rusty beds, an antique cooker, tarnished drawers, and a weighty refrigerator that had still been kept intact. A third group of seniors cut down tree branches around the court that had been unattended for so long.

Even though what was achieved was only a fraction of the huge renovation plan, we believe in a living God who has conquered over calamity and despair and has given us an enduring strength to rebuild that which was destroyed and to persevere when all hope had vanished.

The main objective of the Kchag committee for this year is to have the campus geared up with the necessary number of cottages in time to have our first revival hamakoomar on the very premises of our beloved Kchag Summer Camp!


Photos courtesy of H. Assilian and M. Chilingirian