Chanitz Youth of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church Marching on April 24

April 24, the Chanitz youth of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church had gathered in the parking lot of the church, where a minivan and cars were ready to transport them to the Mother Church, in Antelias, from where the march would proceed towards the Bourj-Hammoud Municipality Stadium.
One week before April 24, the youth came up with the idea to wear special T-shirts, on which the logo of Chanitz would be visible. And rightly so, on April 24, the chanitzagans, with the pastor, Rev. Hovhanness Svajian, wore the T-shirts and headed to Antelias. They marched united, together, one heart, one mind, and for one cause.
All the factions of the Armenian community had gathered to participate in the march. The schools, cultural organizations, religious institutions and societies, sports clubs, political parties and clubs, all were present to remember the Armenian Genocide and walk for justice.

* What was encouraging to know that 2 fellow Christians from Arab churches joined the Chanitz group to march with us.

(L to R): walking in front is H. Kalebjian, M. Chilingirian, A. Torkomian, J. Ghazarian, J. Baghboudarian, H. Assilian, R. Chilingirian.

The logo of Chanitz showing on the T-shirts

(L to R): starting from the 2nd lady, standing is R. Sourenian, G. Worley, P. Ikjian, A. Markarian, A. Kazezian, and M. Markarian.

Students of the Armenian Evangelical Torosian School participating in the march. From left to right, standing in front is Sevag, Ara, and Mano.

(L to R): in front is Sh. Aynilian, and Rev. H. Svajian

(L to R): H. Kalebjian, V. Aynilian (back), M. Chilignrian, E. Khachadourian (back), M. Hagopian, H. Gojigian (back), J. Ghazarian, G. Torkomian (back), J. Baghboudarian, H. Assilian (back), R. Chilingirian