Junior Youth Passing from Badaniatz Ranks to Yeridasartatz

On Sunday, 28 Feb. - a group of Emmanuel Church's junior youth passed from the ranks of Badaniatz to Yeridasartatz, during the Chanitz Sunday.
During the service, the pastor Rev. Hovhanness Svajian, called each badanee by their name and invited them to come forth. The chairman of the junior youth group, Ms. Jimmy Kozman Ohanian passed them gifts, after which the pastor prayed for them, for their growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some of the youth present in the picture: Mr. Koko Avessian, Ms. Hera Kouzikian, Ms. Maria Hagopian, Mr. Garo Kharpertian, Mr. Elio Khachadourian, Mr. Armen Bakalian, Mr. Serovpe Avedikian.
Some of the leaders present in the picture: Mrs. Jimmy Kozman Ohanian, Ms. Markrid Markarian, Mr. Raffi Chilingirian, Mr. Mike Hagopian, with the pastor of the church, Rev. Hovhanness Svajian

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