Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA)

Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA)
AMAA considered its first and urgent task to rebuild the motherland's Armenian Evang. Churches' destroyed buildings, to reconstruct and put all the church organizations in a moving position, and to keep our churches in vibrant and growing state.
.Secondly, in order to fill up the pulpits that were left empty due to the martyrdom of our pastors and preachers, AMAA will prepare committed, having higher education, possessing Christian character, and strong leaders.
.Thirdly, will help in the creation of healthy and constructive Christian publication, through effective means.
.Fourthly, led by the needs of the time and the needs of the people, to launch educational, benevolent and various missions.
(Rev. Dikran Kherlopian, "Vosgemadian", Vol. I, page 213)


* Translated by Raffi Ch.